Plan For Failure . . Tomorrow is New Day

Well, after planning to post everyday this month about 30 Day challenges, I dropped the ball. I attended a series of Christmas parties over the past 3 nights – it is that time of the year. And I got back home later and later each night and it took me longer and longer to recover. So I was not able to post the past few days. . . .

And you know what. It’s OK. So I missed a day or two. One important lesson is doing any kind of daily plan – whether is is a 30 day challenge, or weight loss or exercise – is that that you can (and should) start all over again tomorrow. A miss or two doesn’t doom your plan – they happen and it is fine.

So that is my lesson for today. I am still dragging a bit and am going to bed early tonight to get some rest. But I did want to post. I didn’t want to miss another one. It is when you miss a few consecutive days is when you get in rouble.

So, if you miss, always remember hat tomorrow is a new day. And you can start anew….