Difficult Challenges

  1. Blog every day. Average to Difficult (5-8). Harder than you think, but you could make it as simple as positing a picture a day, to as hard as writing a 2500 word post daily.

  2. Try fasting. Average to Difficult (5-8). Fasting is all the current rage. I recommend looking at Dr. Fung’s videos and books, but there are a lot of great fasting resources out there. Try it for 30 days. Try different types of fasting. It can and does work for some.

  3. Run a 5k. Average to Difficult (4-8, depending on fitness level). This is a classic challenge and, truly, most people starting at average fitness can run a 5K with 30 days of training. If you dont exercise at all, you may need a little more time, but you can certainly get started or make it a 60 day challenge. Couch to 5K is a popular plan, and there are even apps for it.

  4. Plan a trip to a Sacred Religious Site. Average to Difficult (5-8). Find an interesting sacred religious site somewhere in the world and plan a trip there. There are many, but here is a list of some of the most famous ones. Obviously, you dont have to go to the site within 30 days, just plan the trip. Make it a goal to have a designation selected and trip planned by the end of the month.