New Project – Start a Website

It's been over a year since I last posted. But, as you know, life often gets in the way. The important thing is not to lose motivation. So here I am … back at it.

I am Starting a New 30 Day Project

It's going to be a website. I'm going to put as much effort as I can into developing this website as quick as I can next 30+ days. I will probably go to the end of November since I'm just getting started on this again. I will try to post as frequently as possible with my progress – goal is is daily, but I know that 3-5 times a week is more likely and doable. Quick short updates to keep things going.

I want to work on this at least 15 minutes every day from here on until the end of the 30+ days.

At this point I'm not even sure what CMS platform I will use, if any, although I do have a good idea what the website will be about.

Stay tuned.