Food Related Challenges

Here are five 30 day challenges that involve food.

  1. Skip breakfast. Easy (2). You could skip breakfast everyday for a month and see how that works for you. Some may like it, some not. I know many people who only have a cup of coffee until noon.

  2. Eat breakfast every day. Easy (1). The reverse of skipping. Make sure you eat something for breakfast every day for a month. Can be something small or big, but make sure you get some food in your stomach. You may feel better.

  3. Try fasting. Average to Difficult (5-8). Fasting is all the current rage. I recommend looking at Dr. Fung’s videos and books, but there are a lot of great fasting resources out there. Try it for 30 days. Try different types of fasting. It can and does work for some.

  4. Stop eating French fries. Easy (2-3). This is a sneaky easy way to I prove your diet. Fresh Fries are an American fast food staple. Give them up for a month and see how you feel. Get the fruit cup instead.

  5. Drink water. Easy (2). Water can fill you up, suppress hunger, and is good for you. Drink a certain number of glasses a day a day for a month. See how it make you feel.