Finance Related 30 day Ideas

Here are a few ideas for a 30 day challenge based on or related to your

  1. Trade stocks. if you've always thought you wanted to be a “trader”, try it for a month. Set a side a small amount of money for trading stocks as much as much as you want in 30 days. Ttrack it and see how you do. This way you can kill the urge and maybe not take too big off a risk while you learn if you like it and how to do it.

  2. Evaluate your insurance. Not sexy, but most of us neglect our insurance needs. So take the next 30 days look at your coverage, make changes as necessary, and sleep better in the future. Make sure you look at your life insurance and long term care insurance needs too.

  3. Pay down debt. Take next 30 days and put all your extra money into paying down your debt. I recommend picking and being consistent about your payoff system, but you can do anything you want.

  4. Follow a budget. If you don't like budgeting want to try it, you could set up a quick monthly budget and try to follow.

  5. Evaluate your estate plan. This is another area that's often neglected. If you don't have an estate plan, take the next 30 days to get one. If you have one, pick the next 30 days to evaluate it and sit down with your spouse or family to see if it's what you want. It's a good idea to look at this every five years or so anyway, especially as your life changes, (marriages, divorces, kids kids leaving home, deaths, etc…)