Doppelgänger discovered…

So, while working on my 30 day website project today, I discovered a doppelgänger. I did a brief search for 30 day club in Twitter and … surprise surprise …up came another 30 day club site.

But this one looked suspiciously familiar.

Same philosophy. Same purpose. And – shocker – it started just a few months after this one did. Their domain was registered a few months after this site started too.

There can be only ONE! (Hint: it’s from the best movie ..ever)

And the other one is an imposter.

Well, it doesn’t look like the doppelgänger is going anywhere anytime soon. A few posts then no activity on it since May 2022.

Although I’m not selling anything (she is), I suppose I could use the traffic.

So carry on doppelgänger. Carry on ….