30 Days “No Spend” ideas

The “No Spend” challenge has become a thing lately. So here are a few ideas for a 30 day “No Spend” challenge:

1. Stop buying books. If you are like me, you have way too many unread books sitting on a bookshelf. Stop buying books. Take a break and read some of the books you have before you buy more. Just for 30 days. Save a little money.

2. Stop buying clothes. Same as with books. You most certainly have enough clothes to make it a month without any new ones. Try it. Save a little cash. Maybe clean out your wardrobe instead.

3. Stop buying lunch. An easy to try “No Spend” challenge. Pack a lunch instead. I wont be doing this one though. Lunch is not only a place to eat for me, but a time to recharge. So I wont be slumming in the work area with my sandwich. I will be out and about.

4. Stop buying takeout food. I know a bunch of people that could save a lot of money by adopting this challenge of for 30 days. A lot . . .

5. Stop going to restaurants. Harder than giving up takeout, but remember it is only for 30 days.