April 2024, 30-Day Challenge

Will be starting (or continuing) a new challenge for April 2024. Develop a website. I have tried this challenge several time before, to no avail. But I have learned something every time. I have decide to abandon a CMS and just keep it as simple as possible: hand-coded with HTML and CSS. I am not a web developer, but a hobbyist. Regardless, I am doing it.

Will even disclose the website so you can watch along as I build. It's a real Show You Work kind of moment for me.

The website will be Ibond.info. It's a parked page now, but should be showing some love content soon. In addition to being a tech hobbyist, I also am a financial hobbyist, and have had some success over the years as an individual investor. So I want to out some basic information about an unloved investment that some people may find useful. I bonds are unloved, in my opinion, because they are boring, conservative, and commission-free. Nobody make money selling (as a commission) an I-Bond, which is precisely why you should know what they are and what they do.

The site will be basic, but that is all that is needed. Nothing more, just information. It will be boring, conservative, and commission-free – just like an I-Bond itself.